[Biz 50] Making a fool of yourself

Honestly, this episode is just a monologue that dissects much of the strife of deciding to close my gym and change my entire life as I knew it one year ago– per this IG post. It’s candid. It’s long. But it’s an inside peek to one of the most challenging decisions I’ve ever had to make as a business owner. … Read More

The pitfalls of insurance-based Physical Therapy with Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike joins us on the show today to talk us through the many pitfalls and issues of the outdated, insurance-based physical therapy model. This episode *could* be a business episode, as Dr. Mike is a graduate of UnFYB, but I want as many of you to tune into this as possible, especially if you are not a movement or … Read More

[Biz] Taking Massive Pivots in Business with Julie Beedle

UnFYB graduate, Julie Beedle, joins us on today’s episode to talk about following her gut to take a massive pivot in her business. Julie started her entrepreneurial journey by becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher Therapist, which took her years and cost her thousands. Like many of us business owners, COVID came and changed the rest of Julie’s business as she’d … Read More

[Biz 49] Your launch flopped, now what?

You just closed to doors on a recent launch. You didn’t quite hit the numbers you were hoping to hit. Now what? Do you drop off the face of the planet and hide because everyone must know that your launch didn’t go well!? Do you instantly go searching for another job? A big and very common problem I see in … Read More

223: You are the solution to your problem(s)

  You are your own biggest problem, and you are your own biggest solution. You’ll want to tune into this episode if: -you’re always looking for the next “magical missing piece.” This usually sounds like “I just need _____ & I will finally be ______.” But, there’s always something else missing. It’s never enough. There’s always one last “magical missing … Read More

[biz 48] Business Success Is More Than Just Revenue

  Whether you’re trying to make more revenue in your business or if you’re happy with what your business is bringing in– focusing solely on revenue can be a tricky way to plan and build your business. Yes, revenue is one area that we look at when business planning & strategizing, but that is not where we stop. There is … Read More

222: What is foam rolling actually for? (it’s not what you think)

Foam rolling- you’ve probably done it. The actual term is SMR (self myofascial release) and you can do it with a number of different modalities outside of a foam roller like: tennis ball, lacrosse ball, with your hands, a rolling pin, a theragun, frozen water bottle, etc. If you’re a trainer, you probably have your clients performing SMR on a … Read More

220: Pain and Injury: What it is, What it isn’t

Welcome to essentially a college lecture here on the podcast! You may want a notebook nearby to scribble down all the takeaways. This will be helpful for you if you’re a movement professional as well as a client. As always, this is not medical advice and this episode is meant strictly for educational purposes.