let's talk business, shall we?

some of the rules of business matter.

the rest is art.

Relax. We’re all winging it.

I’m currently building out self-paced resources for you and your fitness business.


In the meantime, here are ways we can work together in real time:

ways we can work together:

pick my brain 🧠

business audit

DIY & Self-paced options

🧠 pick my brain

Perfect for you if you don’t need a whole thing.



60 minutes.


Returning clients can save $50 using the code “client” at check out.


You can book 1 pick my brain call per month.

🚀 business audit

Business feeling itchy, suffocating, and you’re not at all having fun? You might be following all the wrong rules.


Together, we’ll discover what season of business you’re in and which rules, if any, will help you survive the current season or help you get to the next one.


No, business shouldn’t suck forever.

Yes, you should have more time off.

Yes, you should be making more money, but never at the cost of your values, peace, or sanity.


A Business Audit includes:


-a comprehensive analysis of your fitness business, including

  • cash flow analysis to help boost your paycheck
  • business design and structure to help you create more free time
  • marketing and messaging so you can work with clients oriented towards a similar mission
  • systems analysis to help you tame the chaos


-a customized business rulebook:

  • what services you offer & at what price points
  • who your ideal clients are and what your niche is
  • customized sales strategy



How we do this:


  • first, we hop on a free call to make sure this is a good fit for both of us
  • if yes:
  • you fill out a comprehensive intake form
  • we start with one 90-minute call to dig into the details of you and your business
  • we stay in touch via Voxer for as we built out your customized business rulebook
  • we hop on 3 more 60-minute calls within 8-weeks of each other as you begin implementing your new business rules


What it costs:
$2500 or 4 monthly payments of $625


After the above concludes, clients have the option to continue with implementation support.
$400-550/month, sliding scale


Business Audits are reserved for businesses with $75k of annual revenue and above.

self-paced options

whether you own a gym, private studio, or operate entirely online, we offer a variety of business solutions designed with small business owners in mind.