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Featured image for “Running While Fat + The Unspoken Reality of Gaining Weight with Hannah Brown”

Running While Fat + The Unspoken Reality of Gaining Weight with Hannah Brown

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Some Favorite Snacks from Target

This chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls. I am not an ice cream fan. I don’t crave it, it makes me thirsty, and I’m in denial about how lactose intolerant I am. But ya’ll, this ice cream is so good. It has yet to become hardened in the freezer and scoops out so smoothly each time. There’s the perfect
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Designing & Curating Your Space for Rest & Rejuvination

From Target store layouts, to city planning, to restaurant design, and all the way down to what you keep on your bedside table, what’s in your environment (or not) will impact your behaviors. When it comes to curating and designing personal spaces, we often focus on the aesthetic and forget almost entirely about function. If you’re like me, then you’re
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Featured image for “Mid-Year Review: 5 Key Areas to Review For Continued Success”

Mid-Year Review: 5 Key Areas to Review For Continued Success

  1. Review Your Bookkeeping Nothing is worse than getting to the end of the year and diving into your bookkeeping for the first time for the year. Saving your bookkeeping until the end of each year will mean you’re buried under a pile of dozens of bank statements and thousands of line items. I like to reconcile my books
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Featured image for “5 Things I No Longer Do: Fitness, Body, & Health”

5 Things I No Longer Do: Fitness, Body, & Health

All relationships come with ebbs, flows, iterations, and change. Our relationship to our bodies is no different. Over the years, my relationship to my body, fitness, and health has seen many seasons. Today, I’m sharing 5 things I swore I’d do forever and ever that I no longer do in this season of my life.   1. Take Pre-Workout In
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