revolutionizing the rules of body & business.

i help women learn to break the rules of body and business.

learn to break the rules in:


Nondenominational movement, nutrition, and lifestyle resources that integrate into every season of life.

Perfect for you if you have a checkered history with food, exercise, and body image.


business resources for personal trainers and small gym owners

perfect for you if you swing between “what the fuck?” and “holy shit, i’m changing the world.”

other ways shake it up:

the podcast

Refreshingly honest & helpful conversations for fitness-minded women who kinda don’t fit in.

pairs well with wit, social justice work, and endless curiosity for personal growth.

the blog

a library of resources & inspiration to help you learn the rules... then break them.

pairs well with sunday mornings, messy buns, and coffee (rescue pup optional, but strongly encouraged)

hey, have we met?

I’m Christina.

I’m a rescue pittie dog mom, personal trainer with an MBA, mac & cheese connoisseur, & recovering achievement addict who doesn’t always fit in and I (usually) don’t mind.

Helping women break the rules in body and business is the culmination of my life’s work so far.

I bring over 15 years of exercise science & human movement, 10+ years of applied business acumen including an MBA to the (charcuterie) board.

But I want you to know that none of that really matters because

all of that taught me that most of the rules are made up. The ones that aren’t only work for a game that wasn’t designed for all of us to win. To which I say, fuck that.

Let’s burn the rule books. Not the book-books.

Who’s in?

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