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How You Build It Is How It Will Go

I was doom-scrolling when I came across a post from a fellow business coach. The post I stopped on read: “Online business is harder than in person business.” The case she was building was that trainers who leave the online space to pursue fitness business in-person are taking the easy way out. That the online business challenge is worth it
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Marriage + Money: 4 Things Every Couple Should Talk About

You don’t have to be financially savvy , “good at math”, or even in a relationship (let alone marriage) to begin to understand your financial landscape. In today’s social media world, it’s easy to curate a very complicated, overwhelming view on what it takes to understand your money so that you can feel confident about your money. I was fortunate
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5 Ideas to Add Value Your Online Training Program

5 Ideas to Add Value to Your Online Training Program   Listen to The Confidence Project’s episode here:   Ever hear the business advice: “add value!” and you’re like- what does that even mean? It can look like something like this! 1. Use the Document section to upload communication & policy reminders Tyler J. McCall taught “if you find yourself
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Balance Over Burnout: Creating a Sustainable Business Model That Works for You

Let’s be real: running a personal training business can sometimes feel like a never-ending grind. I’ve been there, juggling clients, marketing, admin work, and still trying to find time to work out myself. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and hit burn out. So, how do we build a successful business that also lets us enjoy life?
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Time Management is a Lie: What to Focus on Instead

Time Management is a Lie: What to Focus on Instead Time management is often hailed as the key to productivity and success. We meticulously plan our schedules, set alarms, and make to-do lists, all in the name of squeezing every possible minute out of our day. But what if I told you that time management is a lie? That the
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Christina Montalvo, MBA

At The Confidence Project, we empower women entrepreneurs to turn their visions into thriving businesses while enriching their overall lives. Our bespoke consulting services encompass comprehensive business strategy, financial planning, brand development, and operational efficiency tailored specifically for women-owned businesses.

We provide the tools, insights, and support needed to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. Beyond business success, our holistic approach ensures that your personal well-being and life goals are integrated into your business journey.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale, our dedicated team is here to help you design a business that reflects your unique values and enhances your life.

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