restoring sanity, passion, and autonomy for women in the fitness industry

our clients are brilliant, self-sufficient women running small yet powerful fitness companies

Here for fitness?

Hi! I’m Christina.


I’m the owner of The Confidence Project, Co., a small yet powerful business, just like yours.


Whether you’re in the beginning stages of building your fitness career or trying to pivot your way to the next level, I’ve been where you are.


The Confidence Project, Co. originally began as a podcast in 2015. Since then, it’s grown to become the official name of my company after I closed my other company at the end of 2020.

become a client:

in the gym

Strength and conditioning programs for athletic women with a history of doing the most.

Pairs well with grit, a busy schedule, and curiosity to see what your body is capable of.

in business

Customized business strategy and development for fitness industry professionals building a business from the heart.

Pairs well with integrity, a vision, and a conviction to do things your own way.

other ways to hang:

the podcast

the confidence project podcast

pairs well with headphones, a sense of humor, and an affinity for honest conversations

the blog

a library of resources & inspiration to help you get your shit together

pairs well with sunday mornings, a messy bun, and coffee