223: You are the solution to your problem(s)


You are your own biggest problem, and you are your own biggest solution.

You’ll want to tune into this episode if:

-you’re always looking for the next “magical missing piece.” This usually sounds like “I just need _____ & I will finally be ______.” But, there’s always something else missing. It’s never enough. There’s always one last “magical missing piece” that you’re searching for.

-you’ve hired trainers, coaches, therapists, mentors, etc. and yet still feel stuck exactly where you’ve always been

-you have “grass is greener syndrome”

-you’re addicted to the honeymoon phases of life

This episode is both for coaches and clients alike– at the end of the day, regardless of your “title”, we’re all human. And this episode begins to capture the complexities of the human experience as it relates to growth, change, relationships, and everything in between.