Effort is Relative. Doing Your Best Changes from Day to Day.

Years ago, my best meant working from 6am-9pm most days and studying til 2am. I worked 7 days a week.

That was all my level of consciousness and awareness knew how to do at that time. So, I did it.

If I compared my current self to my past self, I’d feel like a slacker. Except, I know better now- which means my “better” actually looks a lot different.

My “best” work wise these days means making sure I’m in bed by 9pm, refusing to work more than 5 days a week, and usually strive for 3-4.

And still, it changes day to day or week to week.

Sometimes my best means scrubbing the floors on all 4’s and reveling in the pure joy that is a floor so clean you could literally eat off of it.

Other days, I swear to god I will not be cleaning one more dish, and that crumb under the table is gonna have to wait.

Fitness wise- yesterday my best looked like running 4.5 miles & getting a lift in with the glorious heat.

Today, I went for a walk.

Some days I’m productive all day long and other days I am BALLS DEEP in The Real Housewives.

Neither is worse or better than the other. Just different.

Effort is RELATIVE.
100% of yourself today can look wildly different than 100% of yourself tomorrow.

And, most days, I don’t even want to give 100%- I’m totally ok with not emptying my tank every. single. day. So, let 20% be enough some days too.

Whether you got shit done and moved mountains today or did literally nothing- you’re doing great. It’s all good. You’re worthy of allowing yourself to flow and rest.