Playing the Game vs Bro Marketing

“Playing the game” is a necessary evil that most folks have a hard time with because they feel like it’s inauthentic.

As a self-proclaimed queen of authenticity, I can assure you, “playing the game” is not the same as bro-marketing.

“Playing the game” means employing specific strategies that make it easier for future potential clients to connect with you. How you structure your content’s hooks and headlines is one way to consider this. The way you approach copywriting is another aspect to consider.

It’s the difference between getting your future potential clients to stop their scroll to read what you have to say, which takes strategy, vs. being gross and truly inauthentic and lying, baiting and switching, or participating in aspirational marketing, which is also rooted in lying. As well as: manufactured urgency and curating FOMO that doesn’t really exist. There is a huge difference between “playing the game” (necessary) and “bro marketing” (not necessary.)

Tune in to hear specifics of what the differences are.