[Biz 49] Your launch flopped, now what?

You just closed to doors on a recent launch. You didn’t quite hit the numbers you were hoping to hit.

Now what?

Do you drop off the face of the planet and hide because everyone must know that your launch didn’t go well!?

Do you instantly go searching for another job?

A big and very common problem I see in the online business space can be summarized by the following:

mismanaged expectations.

Hear me out.

The first few launches of your business will likely not be wildly successful. And guess what? It’s OK!

But, if you set out to somehow magically nail a massive launch straight out the gate, everything is going to feel so much more impossible than it needs to.

YES, business is tough, but it’s not impossible.

After a “flopped” launch– take a break. I usually advise to my business clients that they give themselves at least one week after a launch to do…. well, nothing. YES- even if the launch went well.

After that, I suggest that they go into launch-audit planning mode. You can listen to the 4 part series I did on auditing your launch here, here, here, and here.

And then- take look at your expectations.

NOPE- you probably don’t need an entirely new offer.
YES- you should probably look at your calendar and start prepping for another launch- YES, the same program!
NOPE- you don’t need to lower your rates.
YES- you can always offer a back pocket offer.
YES- you should look at your content creation, offer positioning, and copywriting.

The biggest take away though is that it certainly won’t get any easier or any better if you quit.

If you thought business was going to be instantly easy and full of immediate wins– you may want to look at those expectations 😉