Composing a Meal: Easy Eating Framework from a Certified Nutrition Coach

Composing a meal- an easy eating framework from a certified nutrition coach Diets don’t work, nutrition education does. Think of dieting like driving an old, classic car through a parade. The old men driving their old cars just want people to ooogle over what they look like. Just like driving a car through a parade, diets are meant to help … Read More

Client Payment Agreement [free template!]

client payment agreement template [free!] Ever spend a ton of time with a prospective client only to be ghosted by them before their next payment is due?   We can circumvent this with payment agreements.   While signing off on one doesn’t guarantee payment, most clients that aren’t bought in will skeet skeet skeet if the relationship feels way too … Read More

3 Types of Breaks to Take From Work

3 types of breaks to take from work July 4th 2015 was a day I’ll never forget. It was my first day off work in over 3 years since starting my business. The first day I wouldn’t set an alarm to wake up and train clients and work on my business in years.     I imagined slowly rolling out … Read More