Seasonal Color Analysis: How I Decluttered & Re-Organized My Closet

I am not a fashion girly. I’m a functional, comfy, cozy, no fuss, tom-boy-ish girly.

But when Seasonal Color Analysis took over my social media feed, I was intrigued.

Why did I feel better in certain colors than others? Why did that coral pink top make me look like I was a victorian child dying of cholera?

A Seasonal Color Analysis uses color theory to help you find a color pallet compliments your natural features.

Here are some examples straight from Laurie Loo’s website:



I flipped through a few different articles and YouTube videos and concluded that I fall within the Autumn category.

As I held up different color tops from within my closet, I noticed immediately that some colors made me look like Night of The Living Dead and others made me look well slept and alive.

I took everything out of my closet (Marie Kondo style) and sorted everything into piles based on color.

It’s not that I want more rules in my life- I want a system that makes donating and buying clothes easier.

Seasonal Color Analysis should make your closet feel better, not worse.

It has less to do with making sure you “look good” in your clothes and more about feeling confident about the clothes that you own.

I didn’t follow all of the rules.

I kept my bright yellow hoodie.

I kept my bright spring jacket.


What loosely following a Seasonal Color Analysis has done for my closet is that I have an easy filtering system for what stays & what goes.

It’s also helped me narrow down anything I’m buying- so instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel dialed into a color pallet that works for me.

My updated closet and any new additions that I add look a bit like this:


(Yes- I map out my closet using Canva!)


This has helped me buy less and love more of whatever I buy- not to mention, I have more outfit options since everything more or less goes together.


This approach has helped me feel less overwhelmed in my closet and while shopping, so of course I had to share with ya’ll!


Don’t forget to check out this blog post here by Laurie Loo breaking down the Seasonal Color Analysis.


You can listen to My Stress Free Closet Journey here: