Why You Think You Skipped Your Workout vs Why You Actually Skipped Your Workout

Whatever you think it is, it isn’t.

The reason why “being hard on yourself” doesn’t work is because it often lacks problem solving skills. Unintentionally skipping the gym feels like shit- I’ll be the first one to tell you.

Identifying the actual problem means you get the opportunity to practice an actual solution.

🔆You may find the solution is you need to grocery shop & prep food each week in order to make the gym happen.

🔆Boundaries & communication may be the solution. “I will be unavailable from 6-7:00pm & I need you to do x.”

🔆part of that ^ may also entail unpacking your people pleasing. “I don’t want to disappoint my family.” No one does! But, why is your disappointment in yourself less important? 🧐

🔆you may need a different nighttime routine and more discipline around your bedtime re: screens, entertainment, etc.

🔆you may need to get to know how you respond to stress & overwhelm. Feeling frozen may be your brain’s way of keeping you safe making calling yourself lazy/questioning your character entirely unhelpful. Whereas asking “why does movement feel unsafe?” may point you in a more helpful direction.

Remember, whatever you think it is, it (usually) isn’t. 🔆


Why You Think You Skipped Your Workout:

  • Because you’re lazy
  • You’re off track
  • You lack discipline
  • You’re unmotivated
  • You’re a terrible human

Why You Actually Skipped Your Workout:

  • You didn’t go grocery shopping this week and don’t have food that fuels you
  • You agreed to someone’s request instead of holding a boundary
  • You only slept 5 hours because “one more episode”
  • You’re overwhelmed and inside of a “freeze” stress response