Can’t Stop Snacking at Night? Here’s Why

I love a good nighttime snack. And I know how frustrating it can feel to get to the end of the day and feel like you CANNOT STOP snacking.

Where we screw this up:

We feel insatiable at the end of the day 👉🏽 eat a day’s worth of calories in 30 minutes 👉🏽 feel guilty 👉🏽vow to eat “better” (less) tomorrow 👉🏽 cycle repeats

The answer is to eat more throughout the day. The goal isn’t to never snack again. WE LOVE SNACKS! The goal is to understand how trying to eat less may be encouraging you to eat more.

Eating “healthy” sometimes encourages a similar response since “healthy” is often conflated for “less calories.”

Those snacky nights are almost always predicated by insufficient calories and/or not enough “balance” (think: carb, protein, produce + taste good) in the days leading up to it. Look back ~5 days and work from there. Recall any days of a skipped meal or 2? 🧐

Sufficient calories, a balance of carbs, protein, fiber, and fat (carb, protein, produce, something to make it taste good 😉), and enjoying the way you eat throughout the day is what your body is asking for when you’re face-first into a pack of Oreos at night.

Instead of vowing to never snack at night again, incorporate the Oreos (or whatever) into your day. Have them after lunch. Before dinner. Hell, have a few Oreos with breakfast. Yes, being serious.

“Oreos with breakfast isn’t healthy!”
…half the package at 10pm is? 🤣 the games we play are comical. I used to play this game too!

The answer to “eating too much” is almost always to eat more and focusing on the composition of your meals.

Happy eating today, my friends! 🥘 🍱 🍲 we’ve got a body to fuel, we’ve got shit to do, and we can’t do it hungry. 🔆


Here’s how to curb your nighttime cravings:

  • Don’t skip meals during the day
  • Eat more protein at each meal
  • Include at least one serving of carbs at each meal
  • Make sure to snack between meals throughout the day
  • Make sure meals and snacks are enjoyable and satisfying
  • Incorporate what you’re snacking on at night throughout your day