5 Things to Consider Before Your Personal Training Business Pays for Social Media Advertising

Paying for advertising on social media is a BEAST.

If you keep stumbling across companies & agencies who say they can put together paid advertising for you using social media with results that sound too good to be trueit most likely is.

In 2016, I paid an agency $2k/month + $9k into ad spend for my gym.

🦗 🦗 🦗

It fueled my rage so much that I tripled down on organic marketing and vowed to never put a dime into social media for business ever again.

It’s just… not what you think it is.

  • if your organic marketing (how you’re likely using social media now) isn’t working, throwing money at it won’t help unless you also pay for a copywriter. You may also find you need new design work, new images, a new offer entirely in order for it to “work.” You need a sound infrastructure in order to make paid ads (if they even work) worth it.
  • are you being told paying for advertising will bring in dozens of new clients? Can your business even handle dozens of new clients? We’ll want to make sure you have a scalable business model before you… try to scale 😏
  • stop hiding behind social media. Business is personal. Go out into the actual world. Meet people. Network. Share. Ask questions. Build relationships. Social media is powerful but it’s not coming to save you. I wish it was. But it’s not.
  • double down on all this first! Then maybe consider paid ads but even then… consider them wisely.

Here are 5 things to consider before your personal training business pays for social media advertising


  1. You’ve maximized all other forms of organic marking.
    >host local events
    >pay to host a booth at other local events
    >offer free workshops and collect info
    >create a solid referral system
  2. Update agreements to have photo & video release for clients
    >showcase the vibe of your space/sessions
    >highlight clients having the experience you want to provide
    >tag them on social media & encourage them to share
  3.  Host “bring a buddy” week
    >Offer family discounts. Same household? Discount.
  4. Build relationships with local practitioners and complimentary professionals/services.
    >Use these relationships are part of your referral network.
  5. Stay consistent with your social media posting for 1+ year before considering paying for advertising.
    >If you don’t have a clue what works for free, you’ll end up dumping money into advertising that has zero proven track record of working. If your free posts don’t pick up traction, your paid posts won’t either.
    >Use free/organic content to (at a minimum) see what resonates with your audience, collect data, etc. This will help you if you decide to pay for advertising in the future.


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