03: The No Bullshit Approach to Confidence

I spent the first 20+ years of my life hating myself. Every day was a bad day- I was never enough. I turned to fitness to “change” myself- thinking that, somehow, being “skinny” would make me better- more worthy, more acceptable, more important. I thought that I hated myself because I wasn’t “skinny.” And you know what? That’s a load of bullshit.  If you can’t learn to love yourself RIGHT F’N NOW, no matter how “skinny” you get, you still won’t get there. Loving yourself and feeling GOOD won’t be found with a number on the scale or a smaller pair of jeans- learning to love yourself actually has nothing to do with that. Although I have managed to change my body composition, learning to accept my body and feel good in the skin I’m in came from a shift in perspective.  Do I want all women to just say “screw it, I’ll stay overweight!” No. Hell no. Because being overweight is NOT GOOD for your health. But, all too often, we embark on a fitness journey in hopes that somehow- we’ll be enough. Our goals are attached to appearances and our “success” is defined by our opinions of ourselves and the validation from others. We seek compliments about how our bodies look- and somehow think that that’s the key to finally being at peace and embracing yourself for all that we are. In this episode, I talk about why that’s crap. I talk about what’s worked for me to finally feel GOOD and confident with my body- even though I’m FAR from model status. (Best part is, is that I’m OK with that!) It’s taken lots of work, practice, and time- but I’m finally there. And I want you to get there, too!  _________________________________________