04: Eating Moderately- The Unsexy Way to Lose Weight For Good

How many of you begin each Monday thinking “I HAVE to eat good all week since I ate so BAD all weekend long!” Enough is enough. 5 days of “perfect” eating and 2 days of bingeing and overeating foods will produce zero results. And I mean ZERO. I’m living proof. It wasn’t until I stopped trying to be perfect, and taught myself to eat mindfully and moderately that I was able to finally be at PEACE with food and actually see changes in my body composition. (Hello, this 4’9″ nugget of a human used to wear a size 6 and now wears a 0, and I eat a shit ton of bacon, peanut butter, and chips.. with zero guilt, go figure!) I GET IT.  Eating moderately doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as “follow this three day juice cleanse detox!” But I can promise you that crap doesn’t work. None of that shit works.  Learn to enjoy the way you eat, every single day.  Learn to stop bingeing.  7 days of CONSISTENT MODERATION will produce results TENFOLD to  4-5 days of “perfection” and then 2-3 days of blowout eating.  This is a totally counterintuitive episode, but it’s one you need to hear.  Read more at http://findyourstrong.libsyn.com/#cfKzGWiG85iLI6ZI.99 “Meals don’t happen in isolation” adapted from Jill Coleman @ Jillfit.com