02: The Truth About Cardio

Are you a slave to the treadmill? Worried sick that if you skip your cardio for the day that you’ll somehow gain a bunch of weight? That’s because traditional cardio is like a loan for your results. The secret to achieving the results you’re looking for lies within lifting weights and interval training types of cardio- those act as an investment towards your goals.  Listen for more of what I’m talking about! _________________________________ Our email and website servers have been down! Normally, you can reach us at christina@cmofitness.com and find us at www.cmofitess.com  HOPEFULLY by the time this episode is up, our servers will be back up and running!  If not, rest assured that they’ll be up SOMETIME SOON, and then the real party can start again 🙂  Let me know if you have questions, comments, or have any other topics in mind that you’d like for me to talk about in an upcoming episode!  Don’t forget to join the fun on Facebook! www.facebook.com/cmofitness1