Mastering Instagram Does Not Guarantee Business Success

It’s easier to see things when we’re not in them- so looking at unrelated markets to help make sense of your market/business can be super enlightening. Business is happening all around us at all times. Most of my business clients come to me with a graveyard of coaches and courses they’ve purchased and still cannot make zero sense of their … Read More

3 Exercise Swaps That Are Not “Too Easy”

Modifying or swapping anything used to make my skin crawl. It threatened my ego and I thought it *meant something about me.* As someone who never felt “fit” (because I didn’t “look like a bikini competitor lmao), I always had something to prove in my training. Many of my clients begin with me with a similar outlook. You actually don’t … Read More

You Are Not Addicted to Sugar

Here’s how it usually plays out: You’re gearing up to be “good” or “eat clean” or “just be healthy.” You restrict food based on both amount and type. You omit anything you enjoy and convince yourself your “healthy alternatives” taste “as good as the real thing.” You’ve slashed your calories, increased your caloric output, and it’s only a matter of … Read More

3 Signs It’s Time to Re-Design Your Business Model

Your “business model” is the way you set up your business- it includes things beyond content creation, IG optics, and vanity metrics. It includes things like: how your clients pay you, with what terms, and in exchange for what? It includes your offer suite and how each service operates. It includes how people move from the day they meet you … Read More

Deadlift vs RDL

What’s the difference between deadlifts and RDLs? While they are both hip-hinge movements, they are not the same. A deadlift, unless indicated otherwise, will start from the floor and end on the floor. An RDL, or Romanian Deadlift, will start at the hip and end at the hip. There’s a decent chance, though not always, that your RDL’s will never … Read More

Avoid These Common Deadlift Mistakes

Deadlifts. Love them or hate them, they’re one of the most universally helpful movements found inside of a training program. A deadlift is a hip-dominant movement (whereas a squat is a knee dominant movement) and its function is to help us get better at picking things up off of the floor. Yep. That’s the most universally helpful application of a … Read More

Simple & Effective Home Gym Buying Guide

Setting up a home gym can be exciting and equally as overwhelming. If you open up IG or Pinterest to begin a search, you may quickly find that this can be a large undertaking. Many home gyms are very detailed & complex (read: time consuming and costly). I’ve been a home-gym-owner for a long time. While I admittedly continued to … Read More

Toxic Anti-Diet Culture with Jenna Jozefowski

Have we been getting the wires crossed when it comes to diet culture and what that looks like, what it means and what it doesn’t mean? Ever feel guilty for genuinely loving eating salads? Or genuinely enjoying intense workouts and wondering if that’s diet culture, too? It may not be– and Jenna walks us through it all on today’s episode. … Read More

[biz 58] When Life Poops On Your Head

  It happens to all of us- the sky opens up and BAM- buckets of poop come pouring down on top of you. Such is life. We can’t prevent the crap from falling from the sky, but we can start to cultivate a “system” rooted in self-trust that helps us triage our life when things get a bit sticky. This … Read More

When Repairing Your Body Image Feels Urgent

You ever get what feels like a sobering glimpse of what you look like? And it legitimately startles you? Or, you see a number on the scale that scares the shit out of you? Whatever your body image trigger is… it doesn’t quite matter. What matters is the urgency we feel to immediately DO SOMETHING to FIX IT. And I … Read More