5 Ideas to Add Value Your Online Training Program

5 Ideas to Add Value to Your Online Training Program


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Ever hear the business advice: “add value!” and you’re like- what does that even mean?
It can look like something like this!

1. Use the Document section to upload communication & policy reminders

Tyler J. McCall taught “if you find yourself repeating yourself, record yourself and replace yourself.

Once your online program is growing, you’re likely to be answering several repeat questions.

Give yourself and clients peace of mind by posting all guidelines and policies in an easy to find place-like where they’re already logging in for their workouts.

Have you ever tried to change something on a membership or find the answer to a problem and you’d rather not have to bother someone for the answer? I am this kind of person so I tend to attract clients who are also this way. I put myself in the client’s shoe and buy myself time back in the future by having guidelines and policies posted in a central, easy-to-find spot for everyone, including myself!

This also helps to create a culture of clear and kind communication within your business.

If your program has longevity, it will incur many changes and many iterations. When this happens, you will update your documents and announce to your clients:

“Dear clients, as you know, we recently made the change to X with XYZ. The Hub has been updated with XYZ. You’re encouraged to check there for any questions related to XYZ. Let me know if you have any questions.”

As always, add your personality to the above!

This works because everyone is on the same page at the same time- no matter how messy the backend of your business gets or how many tweaks and pivots you make.


2. Use the Document section to upload mini e-books and guides

Adding self-paced content like this to your existing program can be a great way to truly add value.

As you’ll hear in the episode, the types of e-books and guides I was adding to The Barbell Collective’s library were cohesive add-ons that complimented the existing program’s mission, vision, and values.


  • pre-workout nutrition guide
  • post-workout nutrition guide
  • morning movement ideas
  • desk mobility ideas
  • evening wind-down guide
  • film your lifts guide
  • critique your lifts guide
  • making peace with the scale mini-course
  • body image mini-course

“Could I also sell these as stand alone offers?” Sure can!

“Could I also use these as lead magnets/freebies?” Yes!


3. Include spots for journal prompts, reflection questions, and thought-provoking check-ins throughout the program

Sometimes online programs can feel robotic and stagnantplenty personal trainers struggle with the “lifeless” part of running an online program.

One way to infuse more life into your program is by including places for reflection questions, journal prompts, or curated client check-ins throughout the program.

4. Use emojis to indicate different levels of intensity based on your training philosophy

Similar to above, you can infuse a bit more life into your programs by giving your clients options to choose from throughout one program without constantly having to reassign or make customized tweaks to their programs.

If you’re running your group program like a 1:1 program and offering customizations where there shouldn’t be any, read this post.


5. Program out a mini-course & publish it like a program

Let’s say your program publishes workouts MWF. You could “embed” an additional program that goes out on Tuesdays.

If/when your program starts to feel stale, or when you feel like you’re losing a connection to your clients/your program, you can include little pop-ups like this one without having to burn down your entire program.

Happy ideating!