What To Do When You’re Under Extreme Pressure

“I think life is an awful lot like a pressure cooker. Something delicious is waiting for you when you release the pressure.”

Sometimes, you need the pressure. You know that saying about diamonds? Same goes for cheesy broccoli & rice in the InstaPot.

You don’t get to the good stuff until you release the pressure.

And with that- I’m not doing shit this weekend. More like, I’m only going to do whatever I want to do which honestly is a whole lot of nothing.

Bask in the glory that is cheesy broccoli and rice or a weekend-long cat nap once you push the release valve & relieve the pressure.

If you’re feeling maximum pressure and like your lid is gonna blow (ever seen those videos where the lid blows a hole in the person’s ceiling?) what can you do to relieve some of that and what *could* your weekend look like if you pushed the release valve?