An Open Letter to My Former Fat Loss Clients

If you’re no longer a client of mine, there’s a really good chance you still battle with your weight & body image daily. There’s also a good chance that at one point, if not right this moment, you weigh more than ever before.

What I didn’t know back then was that everything you’re experiencing now is to be expected after intentionally pursuing weight loss.

What I didn’t know back then was that I was facilitating a slowed metabolism for you. That I was also reconfirming your belief that your hard work and your body was only worth celebrating if it was smaller- however it was measured. We clapped for a smaller you.

What I know now is that what you’re experiencing now is normal.


If you found a new weight loss program or fat loss coach, I know you think that it’ll be different this time.

It won’t be.

I know you think you weigh more now because you’re NOT dieting but- what if you weigh more now *because* you dieted?

I also know that you won’t believe me.

You will lose weight again and you’ll feel vindicated in what you feel is your new-found success.

You’ll see this or even share it with your new coach and say “haha! She’s so wrong! We are proving her wrong and I seriously love this new approach to weight loss without dieting!” (lolol)


But I need you to know this:


No one on THIS side of dieting is surprised or confused.

No one on THIS side of dieting thinks your body is wrong or broken.

No one on THIS side of dieting is inherently anti-weight loss.


If you’re already planning your week coming up with ways to “stick to the plan” or “stay on track” or “be good”….

if you’re already telling your partner that they better not bring snacks home or ask you to go out to dinner….

if you’re already wondering how much weight you can lose this week if you just “buckle down”…

it’s a great time for you to explore Intuitive Eating & put intentional weight loss on the back burner.


If you lose weight as a natural by-product of taking care of yourself, cool.

If you gain weight as a natural by-product of taking care of yourself, cool.

If your size/shape/weight doesn’t change at all, also cool.


When you feel like “it’s not working”, when you notice you’re bingeing and feel like you have no control around food and keep proclaiming “more will power! I’ll do better this week!” followed by “WHAT is WRONG with me?!”

that’s all normal.

Those are normal and expected biological responses to intentional weight loss.

100% if you’re a former fat loss client of mine (or anyone) and/or if you’re a current fat loss pursuant, you only feel good about yourself when the photos are smaller and when the scale goes down.

You do realize that’s fucked up, right? It is.

You might even weigh more now than you ever did before. That’s what happens.

If you’re clinging to control and hanging on by a thread (regardless of your weight cycling) that’s also common- and likely a signal that you’ve got some disordered eating/beliefs/behaviors going on. Also common after pursuing weight loss.

I helped probably hundreds of women lose weight over my years as a fat loss coach. Makes me physically ill knowing that for those of them that parted ways- they are struggling right now. Whether they are struggling with another coach and just not aware of how messed up it is, or off on their own trying to figure it out- they’re either disordered AND/or heavier than ever.

We know that this is what intentional weight loss does. It’s been proven again and again and again.

It’s worse for your health to lose and regain weight over and over again.

Not to mention intentional weight loss fucks with your mental health.

If you lose weight as a natural byproduct of taking care of yourself- cool.

Whatever size and shape your body takes when you’re taking the best care of YOU is the size and shape you’re meant to be.

Got something combative to say? Have you read Intuitive Eating and Health At Every Size & the 150+ studies? No? Don’t comment. Use your time to read something outside of your fat-loss-obsessed bubble.