Reminder to Schedule In Down Time and Fun Time for the Upcoming Week

If it’s not on my calendar it will not happen.

A client asked last week how I schedule my time exactly and I’m working on synthesizing that into an actual post, but here’s kinda what it looks like:

All appointments that require me to be somewhere at a certain time go onto my planner immediately.

All of my non-scheduled recurring tasks get scheduled each Sunday for the coming week. Things like: when I’ll be checking emails, checking TrueCoach, logging into the TBC group or the UnFYB group, etc.

Then my workouts get scheduled in for the week. Yep. With myself. In my planner. Or it won’t happen.

Then I assess my personal life- what needs to get done this week? House projects, recurring stuff like laundry, etc. I look at the entire week for that stuff vs day to day. Did I mention if I don’t write it down it won’t happen? So yes, catch me with “laundry” on my list throughout the week OR ZERO CLEAN SOCKS.

And then I look for unscheduled stretches of time and block them off- I will highlight them or literally write in my planner “DO NOT SCHEDULE” or “DO NOTHING.”

What that really means is, do whatever I feel like doing. And I allow myself the autonomy to decide as the time comes as to what feels good then. Sometimes it is “productive” like gardening, but I enjoy it! Other times it’s rearranging a closet- don’t love the process but I love the outcome. Sometimes Real Housewives, other times it’s trying to decide if I really want to try to make my own kombucha, or sitting in the sun in my (kiddie) pool.

I used to go-go-go from the moment I woke up til I went to bed. Zero down time. Zero wiggle room. Zero time for just me. I think the early years of entrepreneurship do this to anyone- but hustle culture makes it harder to break away from. WHO ARE YOU IF YOU’RE SITTING STILL?! What would your hard working mother or grandma think?! Right? I know.

Of course, rest is a privilege. A huge one.

All of this to say- make sure your calendar has some time for YOU on it this week. Not just your partner, or kids, or friends or clients, or the house or the to-do list, just YOU.