There is utility in redundancy

You know how you waste a ton of time trying to create new, ground breaking content to post?

There’s a good chance you can save a bunch of time and revisit all the things that are important to your brand/offer/content framework that you’ve only said a handful of times.

You’re probably banging your head against the wall trying to come up with brand-new content all of the time, but I can assure you- there is something you have said once that needs to be said 100 more times.

Not everyone sees your content.
Just because they saw it, doesn’t mean they read it.
Just because they read it, doesn’t mean they remember it.
Just because they remember it, doesn’t mean they’ve applied it.

Just today, I shared in my Instagram stories about how I turn all of my IG posts into blog posts.
I’ve been doing this, talking about it, and teaching to this FOR YEARS.

Even my own clients have been responding en masse:

“This is such a good idea! I should try this!”

Of course I want to be like:
“wait, what? Why don’t you remember that we’ve talked about this before? You should know this already!” But really…

It’s on me to be MORE repetitive.
Redundancy has utility.

So that thing that you’ve said once needs to be said again, and again, and again.

>Come at it with different hooks and headlines.

>Don’t forget the CERT method (couple posts ago- look for “4 types of content to create”)

>Come at it through a different lens or perspective

There is utility in redundancy.