Eating Cake Can Be Just As Nourishing As Eating A Salad

Unpopular opinion: you don’t need anymore nutrition science info.

When I was in the throes of my disordered eating, I gathered as much information about food as possible. I was literally *the* most knowledge person regarding nutrition science in any circle I was in. I knew everything- down to the molecular structure of carbohydrates all the way down to the Krebs Cycle- I knew it all.

The more I knew about nutrition- the more validated I felt to have a non-clinical, yet completely damaging and all-consuming eating disorder.

I felt self righteous in my disorder. I felt superior when I was eating SO CLEAN. I knew so much about food that I validated my fear of meat, sugar, carbs, chips, food coloring.

And yet- I would binge. I couldn’t control it. And then I’d over-exercise- anything to feel better and manage my weight.

The world doesn’t need anymore nutrition science. It doesn’t need more fear around food. It doesn’t need more weight loss info.

Women need more help in repairing their relationship with food- which will never be done via calorie counting or understanding how the body absorbs vitamin C.

Women don’t need to learn how to count their macros- they need to learn how to give themselves grace and compassion.

If you can’t untangle your nutrition fact obsession from weight loss- you’re part of the problem. Nutrition and weight loss are not mutually exclusive.

Your clients need someone to help them unpack their default eating patterns. Your clients fucking know to eat more fruits and vegetables- this isn’t about that.

What nutrition science won’t teach you is how something like divorce will show up in a client’s relationship with food. How a history of dieting will dictate how they eat now. How an overly healthy parent growing up will impact how they eat for decades unless disrupted. How people-pleasing and lack of boundaries leads to coping with food. The list goes on.

The answers to those questions and how to help has yet to be written about in a nutrition certification- because most premises center around weight loss as the primary outcome.

Eating cake can be just as nourishing as eating a salad.

Do better.