The One Rule to Follow When Your Eating Feels Out of Control

One thing to do when you’ve been feeling out of control with your eating:

Add stuff in- take nothing away.

I was stuck in that never-ending loop, too. “Ughhhhhh I feel so gross. I’m just going to clean up my eating this week.” ENTER ALL THE FOOD RULES.

I’d take away everything that wasn’t arbitrarily labeled as “clean” or “healthy.” And I’d do OK for a couple days.

It’s the telltale beginning of the “all or nothing” trap- and it’s typically served with a side of intense guilt and shame when you can’t “stick to the plan” you’ve set up for yourself at the start of yet another week.

Instead of navigating this space by creating a list of all the things you vow to not eat this week, ask yourself what can you add in, what do you need more of?

When we’re feeling desperately out of control with our eating or worse- desperately uncomfortable in our body, we love to think that the most drastic changes will yield the most instant results of relief. But if it worked that way- you’d never be *here* again, and yet- here you are.

While there is an entire complex mindset component of unpacking the judgments you hold against yourself here- the easiest implement is to stop boomeranging around between two extremes by focusing on the available additions instead of obsessing over possible subtractions.

Chances are, your recent feeling of “out-of-control eating” has been fueled by your previous attempt of “cleaning it up” and taking things away. Try it differently this week- and watch the spaces between the pendulum begin to lessen ???‍♀️