Quitting Is A Habit – Try Not Quitting And See What Happens

How many times have you wanted to quit something you started just because it was hard?

Or worse- never started something because it *might* be hard?

Nothing worth having is easy. And there’s a difference between something being challenging and difficult vs just down right miserable. Don’t do things that make you MISERABLE- but stop digging your heels into your comfort zone and setting up your entire life there.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always end up right where you are.

At some point, the things you really want are going to come with a struggle of some sort.

Your ego doesn’t want you to fail, doesn’t want you to be seen as a beginner, and it doesn’t want you to not be great at something. Operating from this place will never get you where you want to go. “Omg l can’t do this, it’s too hard!” Like ok cool- you’ll literally never get better if you don’t practice the thing that feels hard. ??‍♀️

So you totally suck at something- the workouts are hard, the movements are hard and so… you want to quit?

But what’s the alternative? You only get better at something by practicing it. Quitting the thing you’re bad at will keep you… sucking at it.

Commit to doing hard things. Do things that scare you. Practice stuff you’re bad at until you’re *not as* bad anymore.

Quitting is a habit. If you want to quit one thing, quit quitting.