Breaking All The “Fashion Rules”- And Why You Should, Too

“These pants make my legs look big, I’m not wearing them.”

Black is slimming, ya know? Light colored, neon pants on someone who’s bottom heavy (hey, hi, that’s me!) is something I learned to steer clear of.

Have you ever done that? Curated a wardrobe from a place of “I want to hide my body as much as possible” versus “I love this color! I’m wearing it!” ??

“What Not To Wear” with Stacy and Clinton had a hand in this for me. They created slimming wardrobes for women and I memorized every.single.rule.

Until I got sick of my “black only” rule. While I looove black (matches my soul, ya know? ??) it felt really limiting and BORING after a while. I wanted to buy neon bottoms but was afraid to break the “rule.” No one stammered back and pointed at the size of my legs when I put these neon yellow pants on.

Quite the opposite in fact! Turns out, a lot of people think neon yellow pants are fun! And, I totally agree ???

I encourage you to break all the fashion rules you’ve been following this week.
Want to wear a crop top? Wear it.
Want to wear socks with sandals because it’s comfy? Do it.
Want to wear horizontal stripes?! You go girl.
Don’t feel like wearing a bra? Don’t.

Tag me on social media in your post or story of you rocking whatever the eff you want ???