141: Simple Tips for Making Meals at Home

Many women turn to cooking meals at home from an all or nothing mindset. It must be super healthy or what’s the point? Here’s the thing with all or nothing: it always leads to nothing.

After speaking with hundreds of women over the years, what typically happens is that they approach meals at home with such strict rules that it makes it hard to stick to, makes it stressful, and eventually sends them through a drive-thru or out to eat more evenings than not.

In this episode, I cover some mindset shifts as well as some myths when it comes to making food at home. It can be easy, quick, and enjoyable- which is literally the recipe for sticking to anything long term.

I cover things like:
-Why frozen veggies are literally fine
-why we need to put the “chemicals” argument to rest once and for all
-why striving for “perfect” meals at home is a never winning battle
and more!

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