142: “I have to lose weight for health reasons” – nope, you still don’t need to pursue dieting or intentional weight loss- even for your health

I hear this a lot. “I have to lose weight for medical reasons.” Nope. Hate to break it to you, but doctors are the biggest perpetuators of intentional weight loss. Here’s the thing: you can pursue health and still not dive into intentional weight loss. Here’s the other thing: sometimes, yes, pursuing health leads to weight loss- but it is NOT THE WEIGHT LOSS that causes the health benefits.

This is not an argument against weight loss inherently- in many cases, yes, you will lose weight once you get your shit together. But in a lot of cases, you may not. We cannot point at the fat and say “this is the problem!”- that is lazy medical advice if we want to call it advice at all.

We’re going to cover two different medical cases today- hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes- the two most popular reasons why doctors begin to pedal weight loss. I bet you can find a thin person with type 2 diabetes and I bet you can find a fat person without it- this is an issue of representation and correlation vs. causation.

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