2 Things You Can Always Control

1) your effort.

2) your attitude.

My anxious brain loves to obsess over things I can’t control. It also loves to obsess over the outcomes of things that I… also cannot control.

Even if you’re locked in your house, even if everything looks completely different than it did a month ago- you still get to choose to control your effort and your attitude.

Effort is relative, by the way. So 100% of myself yesterday may be different than 100% of myself today. It’s all OK.

I could be perpetually annoyed that I have to now record at-home workout videos with a dog ALL UP IN MY SHIT for every single one, or I can laugh that this may be my forever future or… laugh that it’s temporary.

And that’s the thing- this is either temporary or permanent. Even the most permanent things are temporary- our only constant is change, after all. You get to decide what effort & attitude you’ll bring to the table- today, tomorrow, next year.