You Don’t Need Permission

I’m a leader in a small way. One responsibility of this role is to listen the words that aren’t being said.

10 years ago, maybe even 5, I would have thought that all of my clients were just asking simple questions. Sometimes, and under normal circumstances- usually- yes, they’re asking simple questions. These days, they’re asking for permission posed behind simple questions.

Here is a painful yet liberating universal truth: you will never make everyone happy. Ever. Your most aligned choice will still leave someone disappointed, annoyed, confused, upset, hurt, or in disagreement. And none of that is yours to carry.

You don’t need permission to
rest, move, sleep, or run.

You don’t need permission to sell, or give away, or create, or post.

You don’t need permission to laugh, or cry, or scream, or step away.

You don’t need permission to be seen or heard, to speak up, or withdraw.

Beneath permission is seeking approval. What will they think if I _____?

To which I need you to ask yourself: what will I think of myself?

If you couldn’t hear the external feedback, good or bad, what would you do? What would you quit doing?

You have the answers. You do.