1 Huge Red Flag When You’re Seeking Business Mentorship

Did your mentor have success in their industry prior to pivoting into business coaching?
Or are they trying to sell you on the success they found once they switched?

Make sure you weren’t lured in by a coach who shares their business coaching success as a way to help you with your Fitness or Intuitive eating biz. They’re different.

I flipped my in person & online fitness business on its head.

I was sick of the grind, the hustle, the schedule.

I was sick of chasing down payments for individual sessions.

I was sick of working 7 days a week.

I was exhausted from the feast or famine, completely unpredictable income that my business had to offer for years.

So I blew the whole thing up and started over. It worked.

I used to be terrified to not have access to my laptop for an entire day or walk away from my phone. What if someone needed me?! What if someone was going to hire me and I wasn’t instantly available to answer their questions and I lost the sale?!

I never had a system in place to pay myself. I always took whatever was left over. I felt like that made me the best business owner ever- “see me?! I don’t even need to make money because I love you all so much!” That’s bullshit. If you’re not paying yourself, you’ll resent your clients, your business, you’ll burn out, & your ability to help your clients will come crashing down. You need to know your numbers and have a clear cut way to pay yourself well so you can serve well.

Both of my fitness businesses & my Intuitive Eating course are alive & well. I didn’t abandon them because they’re working. This is what I teach you! This isn’t a “I made money selling business” thing that I see all too often. This is a “I hated my life as a fitness biz owner for more than half of my adult life & now I don’t & I can teach you how to not hate it either without ever having to sell out or sell your soul.”

Ya know? I know you do.