Does Your Anti-Racism Work Stop When the Popularity Dies Down?

Some of ya’ll seem to have forgotten to post about your sudden newfound anti-Racism on Columbus Day & Thanksgiving.

Your kids do know Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America right? Your kids know what Thanksgiving actually represents, right? Can we expect to see you share those things also?

Did you continue to watch the NFL even after they ruined Colin Kaepernick’s career for kneeling? Did you? Tell me. I need to know.

Pretty sure I saw a lot of you post about watching the Super Bowl…. Will you be telling your racist mother or racist father in law to fuck off this year? Will you be firing clients because of this?

Do you have vetting systems in place to ensure you’re not accepting racist clients? Or are you performing “good white person” so that no one calls you out?

When your kids watch the looting on the news- what do you say to them? Do you explain exactly what happened to get us here or is that too uncomfortable and too violent for your child to hear?

Notice that Black and Brown children don’t have a choice- they live in that same discomfort you get to choose to avoid thanks to your whiteness.

Does your anti-racism work stop when it gets too uncomfortable? When it feels like it’ll threaten your children’s innocence? When you feel like it’ll make Thanksgiving dinner awkward or your might upset your Nana?

Did you vote? For whom? Did you post about it? Why not???? Too risky? Not cool enough?

I’m eagerly waiting for you to post about the things you lost as a result of your anti-racist work: friends, family, clients, followers, money- all of it. A lot of you were silent about Trump and his wall. When Mexican children were being ripped from their parents’ arms. I remember. We remember. The minorities you’re trying to pretend to include know. We know.