3 Reasons You Can’t Sell Out Your Programs

1- You think people are sick of you.

2 – You’re trying to speak to everyone.

3- You speak to the features instead of benefits of your offer.

Truly there are at least 47 more reasons why your business might feel like a dumpster fire and your efforts feel futile but this is a really good place to start! Swipe on through to see where you might be getting stuck!

Other things to consider would be:

– Are you speaking their language?

– Is your offer relevant to what they need?

– Do you have too many things on your to-do list (a priority problem) therefore you have 10% of yourself to dedicate to your business success?

– Are you caught up in the non-dial moving minutiae of business and subsequently pouring your time and energy into things that don’t propel you forward?

– Do you keep changing what you’re offering therefore leaving your audience feeling confused, distrustful, and unfamiliar with your work?

– Wasting time and energy telling yourself bullshit stories about self worth fueled by comparison? Stop that shit immediately, by the way. Create > consume, every day.

– Have you been a free-content-consumption queen with not enough skin in the game and no fire on your feet to see it all through?