Taking “fat loss advice” from someone who is genetically thin is like taking business advice from someone who has always been rich

I used to be a in a bigger body than I am now but I was still straight sized. What I didn’t know then is that there are macro and micro components and impacts in regards to body image and body size.

Acknowledging this is important when aware of our impact. Impact vs intention are two different things. Be mindful.

Aspirational marketing works. But it’s harmful. Without an acknowledgement of privilege, we lead people astray.

Privilege in the fitness space matters just as much as it matters in the business space.

If you’re not acknowledging these privileges, you’re painting the picture that your body is SIMPLY a byproduct of your hard work- which bypasses a lot of the very real struggles folks are up against.


I, personally, am not inspired by “success stories” of thin, white, societally beautiful women (I’m never inspired by rich, straight, white men period so ????????‍♀️) who started their business by asking Daddy for a loan or using their “hubby” as an ATM. Like, I get it, you worked hard- NO ONE IS SAYING YOU DIDN’T- but if you can’t explain to me the ways in which your privilege MADE YOUR JOURNEY EASIER, then I just don’t care.

Privilege means we’re all at different starting points.

Starting a business as a Black or brown person with immigrant parents puts you at, let’s say, ground 0.

Starting a business as a white person with rich, highly educated, already financially successful parents puts you at ground 10ish??


This post is about those who LEVERAGE these things & use them as marketing tactics without acknowledging privilege. You are not bad for being born into a rich family. Just don’t try to sell us your “method” & not disclose your privileges, k?

You are not BAD for being genetically thin- just don’t try to sell us your secrets and pawn it off as a result that many of us won’t get because your thigh gap is largely a byproduct of anthropometrics, of which we cannot control.

If you @ me, make sure you understand what privilege even is, what it means, & how it’s benefitted you. I’m asking that you *acknowledge it* instead of weaponize it for your own gain.