[Food Freedom Series] Episode 1: Calories


Episode 33 of The Confidence Project Podcast is also Episode 1 of an undetermined number of the FOOD FREEDOM series!

There’s a lot of bullshit to sift through out there when it comes to food. And exercise. And happiness. And weight loss. And confidence.

So, I’m answering some of the most common misconceptions, some of the most confusing parts about those things within this series.

This episode is all about calories. Sort of. But also, why we’re so confused about all of this. It’s NOT complicated- but right now, it SO SO is.

Here are some of the episode highlights if you want to skip ahead:

8:00- calories

8:32- studies that are funded and cater to self-serving biases

9:35- adding calories to your diet with Bullet Proof Coffee?

9:55: how to lose fat. Period. Science.

11:24- when and why I was my heaviest

14:32- healthy food isn’t really a thing

15:38- healthy food has nothing to do with weight loss

24:00- what to do if this episode doesn’t resonate with you yet
Stick with me here through this series, and we’ll get it ALL sorted out!

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