74: The Weight Loss Mind F*uck

We’ve got a LOT to cover in this week’s episode, ladies! Make sure you tune in to get in on my latest social media “challenge”, designed to put an end to the weight loss mind fuck- it’s going to be GOOD! After that, I talk a bit about how what we post on social media matters. In this day and age, social media- how we consume it and how we use it, is just an extension of our own manifestations. What you post matters, and HOW you post matters- and this has NOTHING to do with running a business online. It has everything to do with what kind of environment you’re harnessing, and what kinds of things you’re attracting into your consciousness. Serious stuff, ladies. Whether we like it or not, social media is REAL. It plays a large part in our lives. This week’s episode will inspire you (hopefully!) to change the way you’re showing up. And I have a sneaking suspicion that it’ll change the way you feel on the day to day. Questions? hello@christinamontalvo.com