75: Exercising For Reasons Beyond Weight Loss

You know how the fitness industry has totally ruined exercise for most people?

Like, if you don’t want or will never have a 6-pack, what’s the point, right?

Or, if you’re sick and tired of only exercising when you’re trying to lose weight- what’s the point, right? Well, I hope this episode rekindles your love- or sparks the first ever fire under your butt to get you to exercise- specifically, strength training.

There are countless benefits to exercise that have NOTHING to do with weight loss. And honestly? Any weight loss that comes with working out is just the cherry on top

I was honored to have Rhonda on the show! She works as a Personal Trainer in a very unique setting- inside of a Physical Therapy clinic and has worked with some amazing stories to share with us all. Besides Rhonda being a truly incredible fitness professional and truly helping people change their lives, she’s also a dear friend of mine with a heart of gold. In this episode, Rhonda tells us stories that can remind us all of the resiliency of the human spirit and the human body. I hope you tune in and soak it all up! You can follow Rhonda on Facebook here and on Instagram here. Questions? email me- hello@christinamontalvo.com

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