On Improvement: You Are What You Practice

Want to suck less?

You get better at whatever you practice.

And it comes with the willingness to be a beginner again. Something your ego won’t enjoy. Your ego will literally always hold you back. Always.

I’m always so confused when women are frustrated at how hard something new is. Guess what? It’s hard *because* it’s new.

Whatever you’re good at is because you’ve practiced it. Our ego loves for us to practice things we already feel good about- our ego loves our comfort zone- nothing here to make us feel challenged or pushed.

Want walking around and balancing on furniture with no pants on to feel easier? Do it more often.

Want to feel better about workouts that kick your ass? Do them more often.

Want to trust yourself around any and all foods without feeling on edge or like you have no say-so in what or how much you eat? Expose yourself to that more often.

Part of getting better at anything comes with being willing to suck. If you’re not willing to suck at anything, you’ll only continue to be good at whatever you’ve practiced so far.

Of course it feels easier to skip the gym if that’s what you always practice.

Of course it feels easier to use the scale to “see how you’re doing”- it’s all you’ve ever practiced!

Of course dieting feels easier- you’ve been on a diet for decades and you have no practice in repairing your relationship with food.

Of course being a dick to yourself is so easy- you’ve done it every day for years.

OF COURSE QUITTING FEELS SO EASY. You keep practicing the art of quitting. Over and over and over again.

If at first sign of “challenging” or “too hard” you quit- congrats! You let your ego dictate your life again. Ease is on the other side of practice. Growth is on the other side of your ego.

Shit doesn’t get easier. You legit just get better with more exposure and more practice.

Did you quit trying to learn to tie your shoes? No. You practiced until you got it.

Everything is just like that. Hard at first, easier & potentially even automated with enough practice.

You are what you practice.