212: Spotting Sneaky Diet Culture

Episode 4 of the Intuitive Eating series is here!

One of the pillars of Intuitive Eating centers around rejecting the diet mentality.

But… if you’re not even sure what the diet mentality sounds like, how can you reject it?

The problem is that “the diet mentality” is so ever present in our days that it can be hard to spot.

I know this because I have women in my Instagram DMs almost every day saying things like: “I’ve been Intuitive Eating and it’s so wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your work! My partner continues to eat crap, how can I help them?”

And it’s like….. you do realize that’s literally a statement rooted in the diet mentality, right?

The truth is, many women are just not aware of what constitutes as the diet mentality.

It can also be super sneaky!

You know that Instagram influencer who’s bio says: “I help you ditch dieting for good!” and then her posts in her feed are all like “you can manifest your DREAM BODY and look like THIS!” Yeah… that’s a diet.

Did you know that even saying “I’m eating healthy today!” is also steeped in the diet mentality?

Yes. It is.

This episode breaks it all down for you and is full of golden nuggets in between!

Things like:

–>how “eating good” can cause a binge.

–> how dieting slows down your metabolism.

–> no, you’re not in starvation mode.

–> what happens when you even think about “eating better.”

–> how the most predictable form of future weight gain is previous weight loss attempts.

You’re not going to want to miss this episode. Trust me.

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