Marriage + Money: 4 Things Every Couple Should Talk About

You don’t have to be financially savvy , “good at math”, or even in a relationship (let alone marriage) to begin to understand your financial landscape. In today’s social media world, it’s easy to curate a very complicated, overwhelming view on what it takes to understand your money so that you can feel confident about your money. I was fortunate … Read More

Time Management is a Lie: What to Focus on Instead

Time Management is a Lie: What to Focus on Instead Time management is often hailed as the key to productivity and success. We meticulously plan our schedules, set alarms, and make to-do lists, all in the name of squeezing every possible minute out of our day. But what if I told you that time management is a lie? That the … Read More

Seasonal Color Analysis: How I Decluttered & Re-Organized My Closet

I am not a fashion girly. I’m a functional, comfy, cozy, no fuss, tom-boy-ish girly. But when Seasonal Color Analysis took over my social media feed, I was intrigued. Why did I feel better in certain colors than others? Why did that coral pink top make me look like I was a victorian child dying of cholera? A Seasonal Color … Read More

My Affordable Skincare Routine

Did you know “skincare” is different than your make-up routine? I just learned this recently! Back in January, I published this podcast episode about my $5 winter skincare routine, and since then I’ve updated what I’m using. From cleansers, to moisturizers, to serums- the world of skincare is overwhelming, complicated, and can be a hefty investment. I want my skin … Read More