You’re Trying to Eat Too Healthy & Why It’s Keeping You Stuck

You’re trying to eat too healthy…no, really.

Instead of trying to get rid of everything you’re eating, try focusing on adding things to your plate.

Diet culture is rooted in less. It’s rooted in deprivation and it calls itself a lifestyle with hashtags like “clean eating” and “healthy living.”?

But, on the other hand, yes. You’ll likely perform better, have more energy, and overall feel a bit better if your *entire* diet wasn’t devoid of any and all nutrients. Instead of focusing on what you “should” eliminate- focus on what you can add.

This might mean you’re eating a bagel with cream cheese AND an apple. Cool.

This might mean you’re eating a loaded baked potato with a side of broccoli.

Focus on adding things instead of taking things away.

Once that’s a habit, I actually want you to stop trying to eat so “clean”, “perfect” and healthy each day. Because- how’s that working for you? Weekend binges? Nighttime snacking like crazy? Yep. I can guarantee you’d benefit from daily dietary relief.

It can be cheese with your salad, some chocolate after lunch, chips with dinner, peanut butter with your apple- whatever you enjoy.

The key is to be mindful and intentional and to have a bit of foresight ahead. With enough practice, you’ll find that by ADDING things to your day AND prioritizing satisfaction alongside that, that a majority of your “food issues” begin to dissipate. Of course, there are one offs and outliers to this- but try it one for size. I gurantee