Why I’m Sad About Losing Weight

I lost weight and I’m sad about it.

And why your scale is screwing with your head:

I weighed myself with the intention of writing about what I thought would be “weight gain.” Instead, I’m sitting about 5 pounds below where I normally sit. Yep. Lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks & I’m sad.

Many women would kill for this.

Weight loss out of nowhere?! How could you not be happy?! Many women pray for the stomach flu just to be able to see the scale go down- just once! Just a little! Sound familiar?

I’ve been on 4 weeks of a back flare up that’s been sending constant pain into my entire hip and into my knee. Good times.

Everything hurts UNLESS I’m moving. Sitting, driving, standing, laying down- it hurts. Just ask Mike how our last car ride went.

My workouts have been one of the only things that bring me relief BUT I can’t do what I want to do- I’ve had to change my program to allow my back to calm the F down. Lots of rehab work- not a lot of the “fun stuff.” Since my training intensity has dropped, so has my appetite.

Lifting weights also causes fluid retention in your muscles as part of the recovery process and guess what?! THIS SHOWS UP ON THE SCALE AND SO MANY OF YOU FREAK OUT ABOUT THIS. I haven’t been able to push hard enough to have this happen recently.

So, I’m sad about my “weight loss.” I’m looking forward to gaining my weight back because it means I’m moving how I want to move and fueling my body in order to do so.


Stop chasing weight loss and equating it to winning, doing it right, or “living your best life.” My best life happens to be 5 pounds UP from here and all of the bad-assery that comes with it.

The scale doesn’t tell the whole story- not even half of it.

I feel slow, sluggish, low on energy, & TIRED.

But if you’re using the scale to decide “how you’re doing” you’re missing out on HOW YOU ACTUALLY FEEL.

I feel like garbage- and I don’t need a scale to tell me that.

I also don’t need the scale to tell me “I’m on track” because this shit sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I’d take however many pounds it takes to feel, move, and eat like myself again ??