What Food Freedom Really Feels Like

Did you try to get back on track today?

You know… totally overdid it this past weekend and just feeling like you need to reign it in a bit?

I can guarantee that all the “getting back on track” that you do is THE reason you feel totally out of control every weekend.

Here’s one easy thing you can do this week so that you don’t have to continue this ping pong game:
take a quick audit of what you ate this weekend and then intentionally work those foods into your week this week. For example, let’s say you only allow yourself chocolate on the weekends, I want you to eat chocolate throughout the week this week.

If you only allow pizza on the weekends- yep, you guessed it- eat pizza during the week this week.

If you’re totally going HAM on the booze every weekend, have a glass of wine during the week this week.

This is part of the food habituation process- where you eat the foods you’ve been limiting regularly enough so that you get used to eating them- whenever you fucking want them- not just when you’re “having a cheat day” or are “being bad” or “fuck it I cannot take it anymore.” This was the ONLY WAY I was ever able to break my potato chip “addiction”- literally by eating them every single day. Sometimes I ate the whole bag still, and other days just a handful. And instead of freaking out about eating “omg so many chips” I would just… move the F on with my day and then YEP- eat more again the next day.

Then one day, I realized I could take them or leave them. I finally felt like I had a choice to decide if I wanted chips or not- and it’s when my food freedom finally came full circle. I wasn’t out of control around food, I wasn’t restricting and then bingeing as a result- I was finally just eating.

And that’s what eating is supposed to feel like- as simple as that- just eating. No drama, no bartering, no guilt, shame, or anxiety. Crazy, right? Except, it’s not.

This is just one of the concepts I’m teaching inside my Intuitive Eating course (which is tentatively called Fuck Your Diet) so that you can feel normal around food 24/7/365.

What are you going to eat during the week this week?