Sick Of Having To “Get It Together” After Every Weekend?

Cleaning up your diet for the week is screwing you up.

Admit it, you’ve done it hundreds of times. You come off of a weekend where you’ve totally overdone it. You wake up Monday feeling bloated and sluggish and then buckle down for the week ahead.

Repeat cycle for 20 years before you realize that it’s the “buckling down” that’s sending you into a tailspin each weekend.

It’s not enough to focus on “being good” during the week- because quite literally it is this “being good” and “buckle down!” and “clean it up!” mentality that’s been setting you up for this boomerang act for years now.

And, it’s a diet mentality.

It’s not the overindulging we need to look at- it’s what caused it in the first place.

Don’t be so quick to clap for yourself for how “good” you’ve eaten all week long. Become inquisitive and look at the compensatory responses that happen as a result of “eating so good” during the week.

Ask better questions:

What happens as a result of you eating “so clean” during the week?

How long can you maintain being “so good” before you’re a ravenous monster?

What happens, long term, when you loosen the reigns and let go of perfection so that the way you eat during the week is as enjoyable as it is over the weekend?

Remember, meals don’t happen in isolation- what you’ve eaten Monday-today will impact what you eat Friday-Sunday. Sick of having to “get it together” after every weekend? Stop restricting so much during the week.