Remember that Everyone was Once a Beginner

Some life reminders:

Prioritize the process over the outcome. Always. So often we only do things for the outcome. What if you… stopped focusing on outcomes and came up with a process you enjoyed so much that you could sustain it for years to come?

You have to earn ease. You just do. Yes, we all have innate skills that makes certain things come easier to some than to others, we also have to acknowledge privilege and how that feeds into ease- BUT. If you’re upset that something “still feels so hard”- it probably just means you need more practice. More time. You haven’t earned the easy part yet

I hope you allow yourself curiosity when you witness ease coming to others. Curiosity to pause and wonder: how long did it take them to master that? What were their road blocks? What’s their relationship to resilience? Instead of what often happens, where we make someone else’s ease mean something about us & our own journey. As if to say “your ease makes me feel like my struggle is silly.” vs “your ease makes me see that my struggle will be worth it.”

It takes courage to be a beginner. Have the courage to suck long enough until you don’t suck anymore.