Beat Workout Boredom

A better way to beat workout boredom:

A solid training program is inherently monotonous. Squats- again?! Pushups… again?! Deadlifts… AGAIN?! Yes. Welcome. Lol

Bouncing around from program to program or finding random workouts isn’t conducive for building strength.

The basics work. They’ll always work. And you, my friend, are never “too good” or “too fit” for the basics.

Your workouts should be hammering home basic movement patterns. You could try & make it all as “unboring” as possible & try to turn your hip hinge pattern into some sort of dance routine (you know what I’m talking about) or you can make subtle tweaks that keep it *just* interesting enough.

If you’re getting bored with the basics, there are smarter ways to program just a bit of a difference to keep your interest without completely negating the entire point of training in the first place. ROM, weight displacement, balance, tempo, rest periods- for starters.