Ask Better Questions About Your Food

“Is this healthy?” …wut? I’m so sick of both this question AND whenever ANYONE says “oh I made this healthy recipe!” Trust me- I am not confused. I know what you’re trying to say- but here’s why YOU’RE confused: -if you’re trying to imply that what you’re eating is low in calories, please just say it is low in calories vs that it’s healthy.

Please also know that something low in calories is not inherently a “healthier” option. A serving of sour skittles has less calories than an avocado. Neither is a better option than the other unless we understand TOTAL CONTEXT AND INTENTION.
everything is relative. Is pizza an unhealthy option? No. Inherently, it is not. Neither are cookies, cake, donuts, candy, ice cream, soda, insert all the foods that you’re like “omg I’m so bad!” when you eat them here.
yes. Some foods are inherently more health promoting than others. But NOTHING is inherently healthy NOR is anything inherently unhealthy. Unless you’re licking the bleach cap, in which case- stop it.
Did you know you can drink too much water? Yes. Even a zero calorie, universally required substance can become unhealthy. Just like your obsession with low calorie “omg so healthy” foods. The obsession in and of itself is unhealthy. The point here though is that without context- it doesn’t matter. No one meal, snack, day or week is healthy. It doesn’t work like that.

Irritated yet?
Here’s the solution??????
ASK BETTER QUESTIONS (@amandafishercoaching did a segment all about this!) -do I enjoy this? -what is my intention behind eating this? -if I wasn’t afraid of food, would I choose to eat something else? -am I satisfied?

Is this donut healthy for me? Sure as fuck is! Am I being bad by eating it? No. Do I have to workout extra hard today to “send the carbs to my ass?Also no, FFS.

No single one food or recipe is health promoting. Nor is one single food or recipe inherently health detracting.

Start asking better questions. And for the love of god, “health” and “weight loss” are not mutually exclusive. Make sure you’re not an active participant in the problem. When you know better, you do better. And now you know, so… ??‍♀️?