Things to Consider If You’re Feeling A Little Obsessed with Weight Loss

Some notes for you to consider if you’re feeling a *little* obsessed with weight loss:

Focus on your behaviors. Are they actually healthful and helpful? Many things lead to weight loss but detract from your actual health. Don’t forget your mental and emotional health heavily impact your physical health.

Watching the scale go up and down is not a healthful behavior. What are you actually trying to assess? Again- go back to how you’re spending your time. If you need the scale to help determine “how you’re doing”- you are detached from any actual feedback. And, chances are, you’re after an image pursuit. Which is fine, – but usually leaves us unfulfilled, obsessed, and never quite good enough.

Detach from an expected physical appearance. You at a lower weight does not automatically mean healthier. Don’t confuse the two pursuits- an aesthetic goal and a health goal are ?? not ??the ??same ??
Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. Whatever size and shape your body takes when you’re *actually* taking care of yourself is the size and shape your body is meant to be. This is not a one size fits all approach, by the way. And it ebbs and flows based on the season of your life. And so yes, your body will change shapes. You are a living breathing thing and not living in a vacuum.

Don’t forget to ask yourself how you want to feel- and pursue the things that make you feel that way. With the women I work with, this work ends up unpacking a whole ton of stuff that never ends up landing on “I just want to feel skinnier!” What’s beneath that is something along the lines of: “I want to feel loved. Supported. Seen. Accepted. Important. Strong. Confident. Capable. Smart. Determined. Accomplished.” Notice that the world we live in makes us feel that ALL OF THOSE THINGS can be answered with weight loss. But, how’s that worked for you so far?

We can do this one of two ways. Your way- where you convince yourself that your entire life will be better if you can just lose enough weight and keep it off this time OR we can do it my way. Where you begin to move, eat, and think from a place of empowerment and freedom.

I hope you choose the latter. Welcome to the dark side ?