4 Ways to Have a Better Experience With Your Coach

1: Do what you signed up to do. Was it take a course? Follow a program? Participate in discussion? Like with anything, you can throw your money at something, but transformation requires effort. Throwing money at a problem is *usually* not where the effort ends, it’s where it BEGINS.

Before you decide “it’s not working” make sure that you, indeed, are actually putting in the work.

2: Be resourceful. Are there resources at your disposal? Are some of those resources things you’ve signed up for? This is similar to #1. Example: you have the ability to ask questions and discuss things over with your coach + peers. Are you taking the opportunity to do so? Are there materials available to further facilitate your learning/experience/journey? Are you using the resources given to you?

3: Point 1: Don’t expect your coach to be a mind reader. I say this at the beginning of every single enrollment. Just like you can’t read your clients’ minds, your coach cannot read yours. Are you stuck? Confused? Frustrated? Lost? Behind? Overwhelmed? Your coach wants to knows those things as you’re *literally* paying someone to hold that space for you so as to work those things through together.

Point 2 – EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT- where do your questions go? Are you paying for those things to be addressed in a 1:1 capacity or in a group setting? Did you pay for a DIY option and are expecting 1:1 support? Important to consider!

Point 3 – Don’t expect your coach to be a magician. Magic happens as a result of effort, participation, and responsibility. I have my business clients get REALLY CLEAR on their responsibilities to their clients. Things like: when/how/where will you communicate with them? What else will be delivered, how, when? This is a horse-to-water conversation. The Coach’s job is to bring the water. The client’s job is to drink it. Of course, a coach could *not* be bringing the water, and that’s on them. But if your coach is coming to you/the coaching space with water on water on water and you’re not drinking, that’s your (the client’s) responsibility to drink up.