Our Plan for Continued Inclusion Moving Forward

How The Confidence Project + Iron Phoenix Strength Club brands plan to resume & move forward; non-exhaustive lists:

Things I will not be doing:

Tokenize my team members so as to prove that I hire marginalized folx, Black womxn, or WOC.

Tokenize my Black, WOC, & transgender clients so as to try and prove my “inclusiveness & diversity.”

Simply performing anti-racist work so as to prove that I’m not racist. This platform is not about performing or proving anything. Just like diet culture promotes the performance of health rather than actually embody it, performing anti-racism is the same. It’s not something you perform for proof or approval.

Positioning myself as an anti-racist educator.

What I will continue to do:

Educate about privilege & access as it pertains to wellness.

Provide high quality, free resources via The Confidence Project Podcast, Instagram, & my email list to serve a wide range of womxn devoid of SES.

Curate my real life & each corner of my businesses to weed out the people who cause harm, who cuddle up with ignorance each day, and who are unwilling to understand, explore, & acknowledge their privilege(s).

Take criticism & feedback from Black women & POC who call me in to do better with an open mind, an open heart, and a deep desire to learn & do better.

Where I plan to improve:

I cannot bank that my stance is automatically assumed by you or anyone. So it is my responsibility to proclaim it. Over and over again. In case anyone is still unclear: Black Lives Matter is my proclamation.

Continue to read, absorb, and learn about anti-racist work and support Black womxn who do this for a living.

Continue to learn how to implement and promote safe spaces for Black womxn & WOC.

Talk more about my privilege as a white passing Latina.

At the risk of sounding performative, I need to shoutout the Womxn of The Barbell Collective. We’ve started a book club & I am thrilled to be working and coaching some of the most incredible womxn. We are reading “Me and White Supremacy” by @laylafsaad

As always, I come far less than perfect & unrehearsed- that won’t be changing either.