3 Ways To Work Smarter in Your Business Today

I cancelled work for the first time ever to go have fun.

Being a business owner is hard, being in the fitness industry is even harder- you’re working when everyone isn’t. This means when your friends and family are off- you’re usually working.

I committed to the grind of entrepreneurship years ago- and hung my hat proudly on my “no days off” mentality. And it works- until it doesn’t.

There’s got to be a balance- these days there are biz coaches preaching “lap top lifestyle” from beaches and cabanas- acting as if the grind is a sin. Then there are the people who are like I was- preaching no days off, work harder… yadda yadda.

But when you know better, you do better- and, like with most things, the magic is in the middle.

Here are 3 ways to work smarter in your biz without feeling like you need to live on the beach in order to be considered successful OR do nothing but work 24/7- like I did for years:

1) Outsource. It doesn’t even have to be in your biz- but in your life. Get your dog food delivered, order your groceries for pickup or delivery from your phone while you’re pooping, hire someone to mow your lawn (best decision I’ve ever made! LOL).

2) Time block your time. I have specific days that I only do certain things- Monday’s: all things podcasts, Tuesday’s: all things social media, etc.
This allows me to focus on one thing and not be stuck with transition fatigue (I think I made this up but IT’S A THING!).

3) Go have fun. Nothing zaps my creativity and productivity more than constantly working and being “on.” It’s just like in fitness- if you wanna go hard, you have to rest.
After years of running myself into the ground, staying busy instead of productive, turns out I’m a hell of a lot more useful (and excited) in my business when I’m well rested and not wearing my “work” hat all the time. Go figure.

I’m ALL about hard work. Anyone who’s telling you that business ownership or fitness or ANY of this is easy is lying to you.

Like with most things over here, it’s all about finding the magic in the middle.